Corrugated Case Coding

Hooray! Someone has purchased your products and the last step of the order fulfillment process is packing it up into a shipping carton and getting it on a truck to your customer. Properly identifying that carton is important for your customer and for you too. Your customer wants product information and barcoding to allow them to quickly and efficiently identify what they’re receiving. For you, it provides traceability and a branding opportunity. With Matthews high resolution inkjet printing you have a solution for all of these requirements.

Directly printing on-demand allows you to reduce your inventory of pre-printed cartons and simplify the picking and shipping process. Replacing adhesive labels lowers your cost-per-mark dramatically and also reduces production downtime during ribbon changes. With a 4” maximum print height per printhead, Matthews offers the tallest print area in the industry, allowing you to mark more information with fewer printheads. Large, bold graphics and fonts make your cartons stand out on the shelves of the “warehouse” stores. Date, time, and lot info is crisp and legible taking the guesswork out of traceability. Additionally, the high resolution barcodes rival those of labels in terms of readability.


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